DSP Voice Processor module for Yaesu HF/VHF transceivers and other rigs. Make your rig sound perfect!

Digital Voice Processor - is a compact PCB module intented for direct installation into Yaesu MH-31 hand mic, but it can be used with any other rig as well. All the settings can be programmed via mini USB port on the module.

The main features are:

1. 8 band biqaud filter equaliser
FW v1.1: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 3200Hz: -12..+12dB with 3dB step.

FW v2.0: 32, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000Hz: -12..+12dB with 1dB step.

2. Programmable DSP Noise Reduction. Removes all kind of non voice noises with S/N ratio improvement (from 6 to 10dB).

3. Programmable 3D effect (depth and delay can be set by user)
4. Two level speech compressor for Talk Power improvement.
5. Programmable output attenuator (0...-72dB with 1dB step).
6. Instant profile switching by Tone 1/2 (MH-31) switch.
7. Includes specially selected condenser type microphone.
8. Low power consumption.
9. All the settings is stored in internal FLASH. No PC needed for common work.
10. Easy installation into MH-31.
11. Firmware upgrade for free of charge.
12. High EMI suppression from HF to UHF on any band.

13. Two firmware version is available (v1.1 for all rigs and v2.0 for Hi-Fi sound lovers) You can change them for free!

Suitable for the all Yaesu transceivers like FT-817, 857, 897, 450D, 950, 2000, 5000.

Цена DSP Voice Processor по России и СНГ 2750руб.

Price for international orders (outside Russia and CIS) 99 usd + shipping.

I install DSP Voice Processor into your MH-31 for free of charge!

You can order absolutelly new MH-31 with installed DSP Voice Processor for 149 usd plus shipping.


Мои ресурсы
Фотографии Photo
DSP Voice Processor Tuner software (V3.0)
Установка DSP Voice Processor Install manual (RUS)
DSP Voice Processor Insallation manual (ENG)
Руководство пользователя DSP VoiceProcessor User manual (RUS)
DSP Voice Processor Block Diagram
DSP Voice Processor User Manual (ENG)
DSP Voice Processor firmware version 1.1
DSP Voice Processor firmware version 2.0
FT-450/D DSP VP settings
Использование DSP Voice Processor с FT-450 (RUS)
FT-450/D and DSP Voice Processor (ENG)
MH-31 схема schematic
Feel free to mail me direct in english! E-mail: ru3anq@mail.ru
I accept international orders worldwide (US, Europe, Australia, Japan e.t.c).
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